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The Anger management Workbook:

Use the STOP Method to Replace Destructive Responses with Constructive Behavior

W. Rober Nay, PhD

(New York, NY)—Anger is a complex emotion. In general, we try to avoid it as a troublesome and unwanted feeling. But anger can also be beneficial: it is a valuable signal of unmet needs, it provides energy to right wrongs, and it fuels self-assertion and self-esteem. But how can we understand and control our anger, and channel it in these positive directions?

According to psychologist and anger management expert Robert Nay, anyone can learn to manage anger constructively. The key is to identify your specific anger triggers, recognize the different faces of anger (such as hot, cold, and passive-aggressive), and develop skills to dampen the early signs of a rising temper and derail it before it derails you. In The Anger Management Workbook, he draws on the new science of neuroplasticity, cognitive behavioral therapy, and mindfulness techniques to help readers replace destructive responses with constructive behavior.

"There are many self-help books out there on understanding and managing anger. But they may not be enough to help people get to the important next step: applying the information to the unpredictable, aggravating situations they encounter in daily life," writes Dr. Nay. "Daily hassles have a way of clouding the mind and setting off emotions like fireworks." In this new workbook, he introduces the STOP method (Stop, Think, Objectify, Plan) to help readers prepare for and deal with life's unavoidable and unforeseen conflicts. True-life stories, interactive exercises, and self-assessment quizzes build core anger management skills and clear the pathway for change.

Dr. Nay rejects the myth that some people are naturally "angry individuals" whose fiery emotions can't be helped. He believes that in all cases, anger can be managed and redirected in productive ways. The Anger Management Workbook shows how.

Author Bio:
W. Robert Nay, PhD, is a clinical psychologist in private practice in McLean, Virginia, and Annapolis, Maryland, and Clinical Associate Professor at Georgetown University School of Medicine. He has trained thousands of mental health professionals nationwide to work on anger management and relationship issues with their clients. The author of Taking Charge of Anger, Second Edition, and Overcoming Anger in Your Relationship, Dr. Nay lives in Annapolis with his wife.

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